A Promise Fund is a long-term savings account that can be used toward college or trade school expenses. Each, and every student in Sanilac County will be automatically given a Promise Fund when they enroll in kindergarten. They don’t have to sign any papers, it’s automatically done and it’s FREE! Each Promise Fund will be opened with a gifted amount of money through the Community Foundation and it’s partners. Over time, the balance of the fund grows through private deposits, additional savings matches, and various incentives.

When you give a child a Promise Fund, you are providing hope and support at the community level. You create an environment where college and post-secondary education are an option for everyone, it becomes ingrained in the culture. You inspire our next generation to do great things in the world they’ve been given.
And all it required, was a Promise.

Core Goals:

  1. INCREASE high school and college graduation rates.
  2. INSPIRE a county wide college going culture.
  3. SUPPORT families in their college savings efforts.
  4. INVEST in Sanilac County’s future.

For a printable version of the Promise Fund – Core Goals click here.

Have questions? Here are some answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Promise Fund program.

More information will be available in the coming weeks. Please check back often. If you have any questions that are not answered here, or you would like to become a Promise Fund Partner. Please contact Melissa Anderson at: 810-648-3634

How You Can Partner:

To make a donation to the Promise Fund program please CLICK HERE.
Your dollars will be deposited into the Sanilac Promise Fund ensuring that every kindergartner in Sanilac County will have an account opened in their name and a promise for their future.

For Good. For Ever.