Community Endowment Fund

The Community Endowment Fund is a collection of permanent, undesignated (or broadly directed) endowment funds, the income from which supports annual grants for the enrichment of local communities. Donors to the Community Enrichment Fund understand that this is a permanent and flexible way to ensure their donations are used where the needs and opportunities are greatest.

All donations received by the Sanilac County Community Foundation that are not designated for a particular fund, are placed into the Community Endowment Fund. The funds are then used to support grants that improve and enrich the lives of County residents. Grants are distributed 2 times per year. More information can be found on our Grants page.

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David and Gail Tubbs Fund

This fund has been established to support a variety of philanthropic endeavors throughout Sanilac County. The Tubbs family wishes to continue and inspire a legacy of giving back to their community.

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Emergency Assistance Fund

For those in of you who are looking for a way to support our local non-profits as they provide extra services during this time, the Foundation is providing a centralized place for giving that will guarantee that 100 percent of funds raised will be used locally in response to the coronavirus. This Emergency Assistance Fund will help support the organizations caring for and assisting vulnerable populations throughout Sanilac County as we navigate these unprecedented times. One hundred percent of all funds will be distributed for coronavirus relief with no administrative fees. Funds will be released on a rolling basis throughout the outbreak and recovery phases of the crisis.

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Steps for Success Fund

The mission of the fund is to help even the playing field for all Sanilac County children. It is recognized that some children, through no fault of their own, find themselves in circumstances that do more to prevent success than to encourage it. The goal of the fund is to help maximize the life potential of these children. The fund accomplishes this by providing grant monies to quality programs designed to give these children a step up.

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Tubbs Family Endowment for the Arts

A passion to provide cultivation and support for fine, performing, and creative arts for residents of Sanilac County drove Donald and Carolyn Tubbs and their families to establish this fund in 1998. Awards of grants or scholarships are at the discretion of the Fund’s Advisory Board.

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Youth Advisory Council (YAC) Fund

YAC is made up of representatives from all seven county high schools. Its purpose is to positively impact the lives of young people under the age of 21. Grants are disbursed by the YAC from its fund within the Sanilac County Community Foundation.

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