February 25, 2019

The Sanilac County Community Foundation is pleased to announce that Joshua Robinson is the 2018 Samcyzk/Ball “Pay-It-Forward” Scholarship recipient.  The scholarship is currently the largest award available in Sanilac County.

Joshua Robinson graduated from Sandusky Junior/Senior High School where he participated in numerous community involvement activities, such as:  The Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall Project, The Sanilac County Flags of Remembrance Project, The Diamond Trail Park Project, Food 4 Friends, Red Cross, et cetera.  He also sat on the Youth Advisory Council executive board, as well as, was President of the Sandusky National Honor Society and Key Club.  He took a large role in the newly formed SHS Robotics team as lead programmer and driver.  Throughout his school career he has helped and participated with multiple school functions, featuring SHS Drama and Band.  He will be attending Oakland University to pursue a degree in Operations Management with a specialization in Project Management.  Josh is the son of Dave and Michele Robinson.

Through the Sanilac County Community Foundation, the very first Samczyk/Ball “Pay-It-Forward” Scholarship was awarded in 2015 and has since awarded over $100,000 in scholarships to graduating Sandusky High School students as a way to say thank you for all of the important lessons that teachers, the community of Sandusky, and family brought into Ms. Samczyk’s life. The scholarship was named in honor of Ms. Samczyk’s family: Her father, Ed Samczyk, and her mother, Elaine Samczyk (Ball). As for the “Pay-It-Forward” part of the scholarship name, Ms. Samczyk says, “Well, that’s obvious! Simply, pass the goodwill forward and help someone else along the way. That is what it is all about.” She hopes to see the scholarship doing just that – paying it forward – for many years to come.

For further information about the Samczyk/Ball “Pay-It-Forward” Scholarship, and other scholarship opportunities through the Sanilac County Community Foundation, contact Melissa Anderson, Executive Director, at the Foundation office at 810-648-3634.

For Good. For Ever.