December 12, 2019

The Sanilac County Community Foundation is pleased to announce that Joseph Kneebone, graduate from Brown City High School is one of the recipients of the Sacred Heart Church Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship for 2019.

Joseph has been a part of 4-H for literally all of his life as his older siblings were already active in 4-H when he was born.  He has enjoyed the goat and poultry project areas the most.  Joseph loves his 4-H family and getting to spend a week with them each year was always the best part of each summer.

Some of Joseph’s accomplishments include: lead driver for the Brown City Devil Bots in the first Robotics competitions leading to a 1st place at multiple events, a 1st in piano at both TOFTA & MSBOA Solo and Ensemble, Section leader for the drum section in his High School band, bein an Honor Guard Boy Scout Mackinaw Island for 3 summers, Senior Showmanship Goats, and 1st place on the Food Science Team as a FFA member.

Some of Joseph’s most memorable times were:  helping with the Corn Maze for Cancer run by the FFA, being an adult volunteer leader for the Boy Scouts during his senior year, helping Sacred Heart Church by playing the piano during children’s mass and helping with their dinner dance fundraisers, working at the Miracle of Life Barn at the Sanilac County Fair and earning his Brown Belt in Karate.

Joseph’s favorite activity of all is fixing the truck his Grandpa gave him when he was thirteen.  It could just be that when he is working on his truck, he feels like he is working with his Grandpa again.  His Grandpa spend many hours fixing things on the farm and he got to spend a lot of his summers working with him.  He feels like something going from dead to living by efforts of his own hands is what makes him feel like his Grandpa is with him again.

This fall Joseph will be pursuing his Mechanical Engineering degree at Kettering, with the ultimate goal to make equipment easier to use and fix, especially farm equipment, in memory of his Grandpa and in honor of Mr. Stanley Knox, who he has spent a lot of time teaching Joseph about the tractors he has helped him repair.

The purpose of the Sacred Heart Church Women’s Auxiliary Scholarship fund is to recognize a graduating high school senior(s), from one of the donor churches that are an active member of their community.

This scholarship is administered by the Sanilac County Community Foundation.  For more information on scholarship opportunities through the Sanilac County Community Foundation, contact Melissa Anderson, Executive Director, at the Foundation office at 810-648-3634.

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