October 15, 2019

The Sanilac County Community Foundation is pleased to announce that the recipient of the American Legion Andrew Light Scholarship is Logan Hoyt.

Raised by his mother, Dodi Hoyt, Logan has learned to appreciate every single moment spent with family.  When growing up, his days were always spent with a sunburn as he lived outside; if he was not in the backyard, he could be found at Lexington’s bountiful beaches.  Aside from treasuring nature and spending time with those he loved the most, he has explored his natural creative inclinations throughout his high school career.  After undertaking a variety of college level subjects, he found that art, whether it is photography, painting, sketching, or simply thinking “outside of the box”, is his passion.  This fall Logan plans to attend Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Georgia to further develop his artistic pursuits. Logan was an avid year-around bowler and four-time Varsity high school bowling team member. He will continue to play an active role in his community, a decision which his membership in the National Honor Society has greatly influenced.

The American Legion Andrew Light Scholarship is made possible by the Croswell American Legion.

Administered through the Sanilac County Community Foundation (SCCF).  For more information on scholarship opportunities through the Sanilac County Community Foundation, contact Melissa Anderson, Executive Director, at the Foundation office at 810-648-3634.

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